We regularly teach lectures (V), tutorials (T), seminars (S), and practical lab sessions (L) to students at both the Bachelor (Ba) and Master (Ma) levels. Our current portfolio comprises:

  • Introduction to Programming with C++ (in German, VT, Ba)
  • Introduction to Numerical Methods and Software (VT, Ba)
  • Combinatorial Problems in Scientific Computing (VT, Ma)
  • Introduction to Algorithmic Differentiation (VT, Ba/Ma)
  • Advanced Algorithmic Differentiation (VT, Ma)
  • CES Software Lab (Softwarepraktikum CES) (VTL, Ba)
  • SISC Software Lab (Softwarepraktikum SISC) (VL, Ma)
  • various Seminars and Software Labs (S, Ba/Ma)

You can find our current offerings on the CAMPUS system.