Bachelor/Master Thesis Topics


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  • American Monte Carlo Simulation in Quantitative Finance
  • Adjoint Methods for Parameter Calibration
  • Algorithmic Differentiation of C# code
  • Discrete Adjoint-Based Optimization with OpenFOAM
  • Recursion and Optimal Data Flow Reversal
  • Adjoint CUDA Code

Completed PhDs

  • Ebadollah Varnik, Exploitation of Structural Sparsity in Algorithmic Differentiation, Dr. rer. nat., RWTH Aachen, 2011
  • Markus Beckers Toward Global Robust Optimization, Dr. rer. nat., RWTH Aachen, 2014
  • Michael Förster Algorithmic Differentiation of Pragma-Defined Parallel Regions, Dr. rer. nat., RWTH Aachen, 2014
  • Michel Schanen Semantics-Driven Adjoints of MPI Programs, Dr. rer. nat., RWTH Aachen, 2014
  • Johannes Lotz, Hybrid Approaches to Adjoint Code Generation with dco/c++, Dr. rer. nat., RWTH Aachen, 2016
  • Viktor Mosenkis, Transformation of Linearized Computational Graphs Driven by the Associativity of the Chain Rule, Dr.rer.nat., RWTH Aachen, 2017