Derivative Code by Overloading in C++


dco/c++ implements Algorithmic Differentiation by overloading in C++. It comes with a growing number of features, e.g.,

  • derivatives of arbitrary order,
  • vector forward and reverse mode,
  • user-defined tangent or adjoint projections,
  • activity analysis,
  • disc tape,
  • and a lot more.

Additionally, dco/c++ serves as a back-end for dco/fortran.

Publication Material

We have submitted an article titled "dco/c++: Derivative Code by Overloading" to ACM ToMS. Example codes referenced in the article can be downloaded here.

Software Development

  • We perform nightly and check-in triggered tests under Linux and Windows for the stable and the development branch. Results are shown here.
  • As wiki and bug tracking system we run gitlab here (internal).



by email: info@stce.rwth-aachen.de