Seminar: Algorithmic Differentiation

Sample topics:

  • Algorithmic Differentiation (AD) for numerical methods [1,www]
  • first derivative models [1,2]
    • implementation by manual source transformation 
    • implementation by overloading
    • implementation by automatic source transformation
  • back-propagation in neural networks [9]
  • AD by overloading with dco/c++ [8,www]
  • AD by source transformation with TAPENADE [www]
  • second and higher derivative models [1,2]
  • exploitation of Jacobian sparsity [1,2,3]
  • data-flow reversal in first-order adjoints [1,10]
  • AD-specific data-flow analysis [5]
  • elimination techniques on computational graphs [2,4]
  • AD of numerical methods [6,7]
  • Expression templates for AD [11]


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