Markus Towara

Dr. rer. nat.

Contact Details:

  • Phone:    +49 (0)241/80 20 129
  • Office:     Room 237, Seffenter Weg 23


I work on a discrete adjoint version of OpenFOAM. It allows to perform topology and shape optimization on complex geometries.



  • 2019
    • Eurogen 2019, Guimarães, Portugal:
      Discrete Adjoint Approaches for CHT Applications in OpenFOAM (extended abstract)
    • OpenFOAM Workshop 2019, Duisburg Germany:
      An Introduction to Discrete Adjoint Optimization in OpenFOAM (Workshop materials available here)
    • OpenFOAM Workshop 2019, Duisburg Germany:
      Towards Adjoint Design Optimization of CHT Geometries
    • Adjoints of Nonlinear Dynamics in CFD Applications @ SIAM CSE, Spokane, WA US:
      Discrete Adjoint Optimization with OpenFOAM
  •  2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
    • ICCS 2015, Reykjavik, Iceland:
      MPI-Parallel Discrete Adjoint OpenFOAM
    • 3rd Argonne AD Workshop, US:
      Implementing the Discrete Adjoint Formulation in OpenFOAM
  • 2014
    • Opt-I Conference, Kos, Greece:
      Advances in Discrete adjoint OpenFOAM
    • 15th Euro-AD Workshop, Sophia Antipolis, France:
      Reverse Accumulation in Discrete Adjoint OpenFOAM
    • 2nd OpenFOAM Users Conference, Berlin:
      Discrete Adjoints for Optimization with OpenFOAM
  • 2013
    • ICCS 2013, Barcelona, Spain:
      A Discrete Adjoint Model for OpenFOAM
    • EuroAD 2013, Oxford, UK:
      An (more) effective Discrete Adjoint Model for OpenFOAM
  • 2012
    • Conference on Industrial Design Optimisation for Fluid Flow, Garching, Germany:
      Towards a discrete Adjoint Model for OpenFOAM
    • Graph and Hypergraph Problems in Computational Science: Applications and Algorithms, Park City, USA:
      Sparsity Pattern Detection


  • Computational Differentiation
  • Combinatorial Problems in Scientific Computing
  • Software Engineering Lab